We deliver sustainable architecture because we value longevity.

We don’t go for the latest design trend, just to follow fashion. Or ‘tick’ the sustainability box by simply adding a wind turbine or solar panels to a design. We create timeless architecture that’s durable and adaptable.

Sustainable architecture

That’s why today, students of Highbury Fields School are still lighting Bunsen burners in a science block designed by us in 1967. Delivering this kind of sustainability requires a long-term view.

Our team is experienced in sustainable design. Using our innovation and analytical skills we’ve delivered socially, economically and environmentally sustainable solutions, time and time again.

ISO 14001:2015 and BREEAM

We’re quality-assured under ISO 14001:2015 (UKAS accredited) and projects such as Oaktree School and the University of Hertfordshire illustrate our use of new, proven technologies to deliver environmentally sustainable solutions.

We’ve also achieved outstanding and excellent BREEAM ratings in a diverse range of healthcare and education projects.