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Health Research Building

University of Hertfordshire

  • Centre for Health Research Elevation
  • Centre for Health Research Staircase
  • Health Research Building Solar Shading

University of Hertfordshire

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Hatfield, Hertfordshire


This highly serviced four-storey concrete framed building accommodates the University of Hertfordshire’s education, training, office and seminar facilities for a range of health professionals.

The building contains full-scale training facilities for an adult A&E ward, adult and paediatric intensive care, pharmacies and clinical skills. It is the UK’s largest Medical Simulation Centre (HICESC).

On the upper three floors, the building contains extensive research space for the University’s Faculty of Health and Human Sciences, including offices, meeting rooms and social spaces for postgraduates.

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Centre for Health Research
Centre for Health Research Staircase
Centre for Health Research Staircase
Centre for Health Research Glazing
Health Research Building Window Deatil
Health Research Building Solar Shading
Health Research Building Lecture Room

Vice-Chancellor addressing University donors and benefactors

Our Medical Simulation Centre is world-class. There is no other way to describe it... world-class.

Tim Wilson, Emeritus Vice-Chancellor

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