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Harlow Council with Home Group, Moat and Swan Housing Associations

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Harlow, Essex


The remodelling of a 1960s estate of over 500 homes, which included a combination of refurbishment and new build.  What began as a technical exercise to investigate problems with leaks and condensation, became a stakeholder-led project where the residents decided which homes were improved and which were demolished and rebuilt.

Following extensive consultation, AD prepared a phased masterplan for the estate based on resident preferences, which were in some respects counter to the technical findings.  This required the development of a repair and improvement system for homes designated under the Housing Defects Act to give them an additional 20 years’ life, as residents had valued their space standards and privacy very highly.

A variety of new homes were also developed to replace the most unpopular flat and maisonette blocks, and these included a group of sustainable houses which incorporate a two storey ‘sun space’ which not only provides additional living accommodation, but acts as a solar collector in winter and a thermal buffer in summer.

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Briars Sustainable Homes
Briars Sustainable Homes

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