Milton Keynes Hospital appointment

View Milton Keynes Hospital appointment

AD Architects has been commissioned through Currie & Brown to assist with the £200m HIP2 schemes at the Strategic Outline Business Case stage for Milton Keynes University Hospital Foundation Trust.

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Planning Consent Secured

View Planning Consent Secured

AD Architects has secured planning  permission for a new operating theatres building at Poole Hospital.

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AD Architects’ remote working

View AD Architects’ remote working

In compliance with government guidance all AD Architects staff are now working remotely.  AD Architects remains committed to serving its clients effectively through these unprecedented times. To contact AD Architects please call +44 (0)1992 554 983 or +44 (0)20 3582 3292 or email  Your query will be forwarded to the relevant member of staff.

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AD Architects’ coronavirus strategy

View AD Architects’ coronavirus strategy

AD Architects is committed to continue to serve its clients, colleagues and projects effectively through these unprecedented times. We have put hardware and software in place to allow our team to work remotely and collaborate without needing face-to-face contact.

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Welcome Grace

View Welcome Grace

AD Architects would like to welcome Grace Lam, who has joined the company as a Senior Architect. Grace has been involved in large-scale projects in a number of different sectors. Grace is particularly interested in sustainable design.

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Tomasz Citizenship Ceremony

View Tomasz Citizenship Ceremony

Congratulations to Tomasz Baczek on gaining British Citizenship.  Polish-born Tomasz’ ceremony took place at The Old Courthouse in Hatfield and was conducted by The Lord-Lieutenant of Hertfordshire, Her Majesty’s representative in the county of Hertfordshire.  On returning to the office Tomasz was greeted by AD Architects’ own British-themed party.

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